How Can I Learn English At Home?

Is there anything you can do to improve your English?

You’re not quite ready to meet a native speaker face-to-face yet?

And what if you don’t want to take online speaking lessons?

I’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for.

You can learn English while having a great time at home, even in your pajamas if you want to!

However, before we get to these 10 easy ideas, let’s take a look at the advantages of learning at home.

Advantages Of Learning English At Home

It’s possible to get a head start on learning by doing it in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Learning in the comfort of your own home allows you to take your time and focus on what’s important to you

Another benefit of studying English at home is that you can do it whenever you want.

  • It’s a good fit. The only place you can truly relax is in your own home. You don’t have to be concerned about your appearance, punctuality, or ability to correctly answer questions. It is easier to learn when you are at ease.
  • It’s a time saver. Traveling to a different location isn’t necessary. You don’t have to study when it’s convenient for you.
  • It aids your efficiency. Instead of sitting around the house doing nothing, put your spare time to good use. With so much extra time on your hands, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick things up.
  • There’s no need to rush. No one at home is pressuring you to study. You’re free to learn at your own pace without being concerned about falling behind your peers. You’ll be more comfortable learning if you don’t feel like you’re under any pressure.
  • It’s a lot of fun. Even more surprising is that there are so many fun ways to learn English at home, and you’ll have a great time doing them. In addition, you won’t have to pay a dime for this service.
  • It’s as good as taking a class. Don’t underestimate how much English you can learn at home, even if you’re taking an English course or moving to an English-speaking country. With so many options for learning at home as shown in the video from the channels mentioned below, it’s no wonder that so many people claim to have learned English entirely on their own.

Many YouTube channels have a plethora of English language learning content. We are listing some of the best English Learning Channels here.

  1. Learn English With Let’s Talk
  2. BBC Learning English
  3. Learn English With EnglishClass101.com
  4. Learn English With TV Series

Fun learning is possible. It’s time to start feeling better now that you know that you have the ability to learn on your own.

So, are you looking forward to practicing your English? Let’s get this party started:

9 Ways To Learn English At Home For Free

  1. Create An Audioblog

An audio blog is similar to a podcast blog in that you record yourself and post it online for others to listen to. You are free to discuss whatever interests you, whether it’s a movie review, a personal story, or an opinion. You can share your thoughts with the world by recording and uploading them to your blog.

If you have friends who are fluent in English, consider reaching out to them for some advice. This means that they’ll give you advice on how to improve your pronunciation, as well as praise.

Start by creating a free blog and then uploading your audio files to it (Try Blogger or Tumblr). After that, you can record your voice with any Audio Recorder you have. Post them to your blog and let the world know you’ve done so. Ta-da!

  1. Make a List of Your Favourite Movie Quotes to Recall.

It’s likely that you have a few favorite Hollywood films that you watch time and time again. You’ll get the most out of them this time around if you speak like you’re a character in the film. Do not forget to express your feelings while speaking with the actors.

You may want to save these classic American films for later viewing if you run out of ideas. When it comes to deciphering what a character is saying, you can always look up a movie’s transcript online.

You can follow the dialogue in a movie using a transcript, which is the complete script. Simply type “A Few Good Men transcript” into Google’s search box to learn how to say Tom Cruise’s lines from “A Few Good Men.

  1. Phone the Customer Service Helpline

In order to contact customer service, you don’t need to have a specific issue to raise. If you want to learn to speak English, pretend that you do. The vast majority of large, multinational corporations have English-speaking employees. You can treat it like a free English class.

A good way to start a conversation with a company is to inquire about its products. To get in touch with an Avon representative, dial 1-800-FOR-AVON. Pretend you’ve purchased a product and explain the issue you’re having with it. You could make the following statement:

Hello, I recently purchased your anti-aging skin cream and I’m very pleased with it. Would you recommend something else?

Ask about other products they carry and tell them what you’re looking for, at a later time, as well.

Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon’s Helpline numbers can be used by men. Instead of asking about products, inquire about their refund or return policy. As a starting point, you could begin by saying:

An item of clothing I recently purchased does not fit properly. What is your return policy?

Your interaction with the customer support agent has now begun from there.

  1. Make a Recording of Yourself

In order to learn from your own mistakes, record yourself speaking. You can record yourself using a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop, depending on your preference.

The easiest way to record yourself reading is to open the Audio Recorder on your device and begin recording yourself.

The first step is to record your voice. The most critical step is to double-check your pronunciation. To make sure you’re saying the words correctly, use the apps listed in item #2.

When you’ve finished reading the piece, record yourself speaking in English at home. Moving on to a new piece and expanding your vocabulary is an option after that.

  1. Monopoly in English

Playing games that require you to read or speak English can also be a lot of fun. Playing the board game Monopoly serves as a good illustration. You’ll want to read the board and cards aloud when you play because they’re in English.

In most toy stores, Monopoly is readily available. In order to move around the board, you will need to buy, sell, and rent out different types of properties. However, even though the game’s concept is straightforward, non-native English speakers may have difficulty deciphering the card’s text. It’s a good idea to read aloud the text while you’re playing.

To spice things up, try reading the text as if you’re feeling the words. The landlord should speak with a commanding tone when addressing his or her tenants. It’s possible that you’re a friendly banker, or that the banker is mean. It’s up to you!

  1. Online Conversation with Friends

In order to learn English, there is no better way to do so than to do so with friends. Make a voice or video call instead of chatting with them on your keyboard. As a result, you’ll be able to practice your English conversational skills. Both of you will benefit from this experience.

Skype is a great app for video and voice chatting. Sign up for an account and begin adding your friends to your contacts list once you’ve downloaded the free software.

Viber is another option. Install the app, and you’ll be able to start chatting with your phonebook contacts.

Desktop and mobile versions of both apps are available. It’s just like making a phone call on your cell phone.

  1. Hosting an English Dinner Party

Hosting an English Night dinner is a great way to get your friends involved in your English-speaking journey. As long as everyone is speaking English the entire time, it doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast or lunch.

Prepare for some games in addition to dinner. Do you know what games are out there?

Play Continue the Story before moving on. To begin the game, have someone say, “Once upon a time…” Afterwards, the next person will pick up where they left off, perhaps telling the tale of “A princess and a prince.”

If you want to spice things up, you can add a certain number of words to each response. You should only say five words if your friend picks five. The player loses the game if he or she enters the incorrect number.

Question and Answer is another game that you can play. Make an index card for each of your friends, as well as yourself, and ask them a question. Put all of the written questions in a container and mix them. Then everyone can take a turn selecting and responding to a question.

  1. Do Workout While Watching Videos

Workout Videos are a great way to get in some exercise.

Exactly how will this benefit you, you wonder? Use English workout videos if you want to get in some exercise. Subtitles are included on DVDs and Blu-ray discs, so those are your best bets. Do your best to follow along with the movie’s subtitles while you’re working out.

Shaun T.’s workout videos are some of the best out there. In addition to “Hip Hop Abs” and “Insanity,” he has a number of other popular songs. Subtitles can be used with these videos if you purchase them on DVD or borrow them from the library.

The video begins, and once it does, mimic his movements and words. You can join in on his tally if he’s counting! You’ll get a great English workout as well as a good physical workout.

  1. Read the Text Aloud

You can improve your command of the English language by reading aloud to yourself. Reading aloud, on the other hand, will help you perfect your English accent. You can begin reading any book, poem, or short story you choose.

Before diving into these great must-reads English books, warm up your English reading skills with some simple fare.

You need to know if you’re saying the words correctly while you’re learning to speak English. You can check your pronunciation at home by downloading apps from Google’s Play Store, which can be found here: how to learn English speaking at home. I recommend Kepham’s English Pronunciation for beginners. Type in the word you want to hear pronounced after the app is installed.

Try Sounds: Pronunciation App, which provides both British and American English pronunciations. Additionally, a practice and quiz tester is included in this app. Both of these applications can be downloaded for no cost.


You Must Have A Positive Attitude To Improve Your English at Home.

Physical action alone will not be sufficient if you want to speak English fluently.

When you’re learning, you should keep your eyes on the goal and remain upbeat.

If you begin to doubt or fear that you will be unable to complete the task, you can be sure that will be your experience. So, stay upbeat and confident in your abilities. Tell yourself you’re capable and you’ll succeed! There is progress to be made! Thank you so much for your hard work!

In addition to being optimistic, you must also be persistent, dedicated, and most importantly, committed to your goal. These traits will help you succeed in the classroom.

In order to speak English, you’ll need all three of these components: physical, mental, and emotional. Maintaining a positive attitude is just as important as practicing your tongue.

And most importantly, you must have a good time. All of these things will help you become an excellent and fluent English speaker much faster than you expected!!


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