Electric: Splendor new avatar in making

Electric vehicles trend has started in our market, and the sensation of customers has started moving towards them. The pace of purchases may have been slow, but they are still being adopted, especially since two-wheeler electric vehicles are increasingly preferred over cars. 

Vinay Raj Semshekhar recently revealed the electric avatar of Hero Splendor online, which is the apple of the eyes of Indian customers. In such a situation, if Hero makes Splendor in the coming time, then the atmosphere will change.

Sharing a photo of the electric Hero Splendor on LinkedIn, Vinay wrote, “Hero Splendor has become a necessity for Indian customers. It has excellent performance and never gets old. You can’t find any flaws in its design either—every part of it.

Most of the parts are taken from old bikes.

It is a digital render in which Vinay has used most parts from the petrol-powered Splendor. Only a few changes have been made to the avatar look. And apart from its engine, the gearbox has been removed. A blue stripe has been given at all the bike places for an electric watch, making it quite attractive.

How Powerful Is Electric Splendor

The render of the Hero Splendor electric motorcycle comes with a 9kWh battery pack that powers the bike’s rear wheel. A 2 kWh battery is provided with this bike, which can be considered small. The charging port has been given in this bike from where petrol fills in Splendour. With a 6 kWh battery, the cycle provides a range of 180 km, which comes down to 120 km with a 4 kWh battery.

Vinay says, “The Hero Splendor is the most quintessential motorcycle in the country, period. Its appearance is iconic and ageless. There is almost nothing random about its design. Every element feels meaningful and purposeful, and the proportions are spot on.”

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