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Collagen Supplements and face excerise actually works!

Collagen Supplements and face excerise actually works! Well as I turned 37 this year, I realised skincare is a continuous innovation process. And it demands adaptation depending on age, weather and changing skin conditions. Ageing makes skin vulnerable hence I tried this practical skincare supplement to treat skin problems. And it not only helped to restore the average balance of the skin, but the glow was visible too. Apart from the supplements, facial exercises also helped me improve elasticity and reduce the anti-ageing effects.

Do Collagen Supplements and face excerise actually works?
Face excerise

We have frequently heard suck your cheeks while making a fish face to get rid of the double chin, or smile and force your eyes open to exercise your muscles – right? Well, it’s called face yoga which should be a part of the skincare regime. And social media swamping with ideas to address the adult urge to age charmingly. Collagen Supplements and face excerise, have gained traction. 

Fish face

However, the primary reason is facial exercises help in reducing face fat and lift and tone the skin while exhibiting anti-ageing effects. And pandemic amplified it further, where people picked up fun trends while working from home. But does science support these claims? Let’s try and find out! 

With exercise, the face muscles get more robust and slightly bigger providing firmness and volume and helping the face look fuller. It has been observed that consistency is vital in these forms of exercise for these results. Skin sagging and other age-related changes are partially caused by the effect of gravity. Dr Suzanne Olbricht, the former President of the American Academy of Dermatologystates that face yoga can reduce lines and sagging skin. It could be because toned muscles keep fat cells under our skin after exercise, making our skin look plump.

Do Collagen Supplements and face excerise actually works?
Face yoga

oreover, exercising the face helps produce proteins, collagen and elastin in our facial skin, giving our skin structure and flexibility. A study confirms that a group of women who performed facial exercise consistently for 20 weeks found their skin visibly looked two years younger when reviewed by a dermatologistThereforethese exercises can be done by anyone. Which could counterbalance the ageing effect and enhance muscle function. Additionally, a significant volume changes around the upper lip, jawline, and cheeks, making our face appear younger.

Do Collagen Supplements and face excerise actually works?
Face muscles

However, there is a potential downside as excessive manipulation or massage of the skin results in overuse and fatigue of muscles. Facial ageing, like crow-feet, laugh lines, folds, and forehead wrinkles, result from repetitive facial muscle activity like frowning or smiling over time. Hence moderation and doing exercises correctly seems to be the middle ground for promising results. 

Type of Wrinkle

And why am I talking about it? Because I have seen promising results with these exercises. These exercises have not only enlarged and strengthened the facial muscles but have made my face firmer and more toned. It has definitely slowed down the effects of gravity and time. Besides, these facial exercises are free and require a few minutes a day. Therefore no harm in trying them out correctly and making them a part of our daily routine.

Loss of Collagen

The second significant addition to my daily routine is supplements, but before discussing its benefit or usage, let me explain what collagen is? It is a protein found in connective tissue cells called fibroblasts-mainly composed of amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. And this primary component connects tissues-skin, bone, tendons, bones & cartilage, provides skin with structure and strengthens the bones. There are 28 types of collage in our body. That’s amazing, however, along with collagen, another essential structural protein called elastin, whose loss leads to signs of ageing such as sagging skin and wrinkles.

Collagen Supplements

Now you know what collagen & elastin is? And what it does to our body. But Let me inform with age, collagen production naturally declines and becomes fragmented and more loosely distributed. Though age-related collagen loss is unavoidable, such as wrinkles and dry, sagging skin. But certain dietary and lifestyle factors even accelerate this process, like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. In addition, intake of a diet high in added sugar and ultra-processed foods leads to premature ageing, which reduces collagen turnover and interferes with collagen’s ability to interact with surrounding cells and proteins. Even exposure to excessive sun degrades collagen production.

Do Collagen Supplements and face excerise actually works?
Reduction of collagen

Hence with increasing age, collagen supplements are necessary along with a collagen-supportive diet. We should include protein-rich foods, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in our daily diet. This will help improve skin health by reducing inflammation and protecting against collagen degradation. The addition of collagen supplements to our lifestyle help promote the health of the skin and skeletal system. They’re considered safe with a combined diet & exercise.

Food supplement with collagen

Though we cannot stop all age-related collagen loss, we can slow it down. It is foremost to lead a healthy lifestyle by following a nutrient-dense diet, supplements & exercises to prevent further damage & losses. Hence collagen Supplements and face excerise should be a part for daily routine.


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