CNG Cars with the Best Mileage

CNG Cars -The commoner’s back has been broken by rising petrol and diesel prices. But despite a slight increase in CNG prices, it is still in the commoner’s pocket. Here, we’ll tell you about India’s Top-5 CNG Cars, which can help you save money on gas. Some offer up to 35 kilometres of mileage for only Rs 75.

Maruti Suzuki India is the market leader in CNG vehicles. And Maruti Celerio is the most popular model since it is the country’s most fuel-efficient petrol car. And a CNG vehicle. It gets 35.60 kilometres per kilogramme of CNG.

CNG costs Rs 75.61 per kilogramme in Delhi. This way, a Maruti Celerio with a factory-installed CNG kit gets 35 kilometres for 75 rupees. Its price ranges from Rs 6.69 lakh to Rs 6.69 lakh.

In terms of mileage, the Maruti WagonR CNG, like the Maruti Celerio, another hatchback from the company, is unrivalled. It gets 34.05 kilometres per kilogramme of CNG. Its price ranges from Rs 6.42 lakh to Rs 6.42 lakh.

The Maruti Alto CNG variant, the country’s cheapest car, starts at Rs. 5.03 lakhs. At the same time, it achieves a fantastic mileage of 31.59 kilometres per kilogramme of CNG. An 800cc engine is used to power it.Another Maruti vehicle, the Maruti S-Presso CNG, gets excellent mileage. It has a mileage of 31.2 kilometres per kilogramme of gasoline. Its price ranges from Rs 5.38 lakh to Rs 5.38 lakh.Tata Motors, in the Indian market, introduced CNG vehicles. One was the Tata Tiago CNG, the favourite choice for excellent mileage. It gets more than 26 kilometres per kilogramme of gas.

These were the best mileage, most fuel-efficient CNG cars in India. If you want to save huge on fuel expenses, one of these might be your pick. For those wondering if they have a petrol car and want to save on fuel expenses, we have something for you.

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